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Hallodistraction-free writing for the web

Hallo is the simplest web editor imaginable. Instead of cluttered forms or toolbars, you edit your web content as it is. Just you, your web design, and your content.

Actually, this text you're reading has Hallo loaded. To try it out, just click here and start writing. If you want to make more comprehensive modifications, just select some text.

What Hallo is not

Hallo is not TinyMCE or Aloha Editor. Hallo isn't Microsoft Word, or even Google Docs. It is just the most simple and pleasurable web writing tool imaginable, available to be included into any web application under the liberal MIT open source license.

Download 1.0.2 ChangeLog Markdown demo

Developing Hallo

If you're interested in contributing, simply fork the Hallo repository on GitHub and send pull requests. Make sure to check out the current list of issues.

The Hallo editor operates as a jQuery UI plugin and has been written in CoffeeScript for the sake of simplicity. CoffeeScript is a beautiful little language that compiles into JavaScript.