My name is Robbie Donaldson. I am a 40 year old freelance web developer, I work for design agencies, freelance designers, and businesses.

I use open source PHP based systems to produce my work, and specialise in Magento and WordPress. I started out as a designer (back in the days when there was no real distinction between designer and developer), and I would say I am right in the middle of the designer/developer spectrum – a developer who really appreciates design and has a good reputation for pixel perfect work.

I’ve been building websites since 2003. Started out using Flash (which at the time seemed easier and better than learning HTML and CSS in the days when SEO was in it infancy), coded in ActionScript 2 for a couple of years. Discovered the beauty of CSS around 2005, and started using PHP in 2006 to build my own CMS. Since 2007 I have been working pretty much exclusively on open source PHP based CMS and have moved into E-commerce systems in the past few years.

I’ve freelanced for agencies in Scotland, England, the USA and Australia. I also contribute the written content for some clients, conduct SEO, handle hosting on Dedicated Servers, VPS and shared hosting accounts. I have consulted for companies and local authorities on online projects, and also have project management experience.

I am a director of Fairlie Sawmill Ltd. You can look through my online CV below for more information. Before you ask – no, I don’t want a job in London.

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