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Best Online Reputation Management Software

Reputation management helps organisations stay on top of what is being said about them across the internet, from blogs, social networks, and in the media.

In today’s world, online reputation management is essential. What people say about you online is one of the single biggest influences on your success and that of your business and brand. This is true for businesses and brand across the world, no matter the size.

When people Google you, everything they see in the search results influences their perception of you. This is your online reputation. In fact, 90% of people only look at the first page of the search results to form their impression of your business.

The importance of a good reputation online is important for all companies. Building a good image will lead to new customers, increased sales and more brand awareness. Managing your reputation online can be difficult and time-consuming which is why there are specialist reputation management companies out there. But, using reputation management software will help automate some of the processes.

The best online reputation management software will help marketing and communication teams. It will help them analyse, measure, and evaluate any reactions to marketing, PR and sales campaigns, as well as helping them plan for any future communications.

What is online reputation management software?

Online reputation management software is also known as review management software or social listening software. Each one is a way for companies to listen, monitor, and promote their brands online as well as capturing any negative customer experiences or online reviews.

It is the perfect choice for all sizes of businesses and brands as it allows a way to monitor online reputation. It allows teams, brands, and companies to monitor everything that is being said about their business, products, and services.

Who should be using it?

PR and marketing teams can use each platform to interpret their company’s online reputation. It comes with tools that will monitor and capture social media posts and online discussions.


What does the software do?

Quite simply, it monitors everything that is said in search results, review sites, in the media, and on social media platforms for your chosen keywords. Good reputation management tools will deliver these results in an easy to read and digestible format. It will track sentiment analysis, whether positive or negative, so you can easily see how your messages and brand are being received online.

How does it work?

Many consumers and end-users rely on the internet when they are finding a new product or service. They will use positive reviews and customer feedback when deciding to make a purchase or use a service. In fact, 93% of people say that online reviews impact their buying decisions and 64% of people trust online search engines the most when conducting research on a business.

Reputation management tools will use this information to give a company or brand insights into how a customer views the business. It will provide easy to understand analysis and reporting that can be shared with key stakeholders across the company.

What should you look for?

Company’s that proactively monitor their reputation online will be using reputation management software. If you’re new to the process then there are some key features that you should look for:

  1. Search and monitoring functionalities. The ideal software should be able to track emerging stories and conversations in real-time. This is essential for handling any PR crisis. You should also think about media monitoring to make sure you know what is being said about you in the press.
  2. Reporting and analysis. Reputation management software should be able to report and measure key metrics like sentiment and reach. Think about how quickly you want the report, or how much detail you want including.
  3. Ease of use. You want something that is easy to understand and set up. It makes using the software a more simple process.
  4. What levels of support are offered. A simple concept, but depending on the package levels you could be waiting a while for support to come back to you on any queries.
  5. Cost. This can vary depending on many factors. Prices can start from below $100 and go into the thousands depending on the level of functionality you require. Make sure you get all the information together and don’t rely on one salesperson to give you all the facts.

Compare online reputation management software

Below are some examples of reputation management software.

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What are the benefits of reputation management software?

It’s not just for big companies. No matter how big or small your brand is, you need to manage your online reputation. If not, you could negatively impact how your customers see your brand online. Having reputation management software can benefit you in different ways:

  1. Helps you show concern over customer services.
  2. Help earn customer trust.
  3. Helps address negative reviews.
  4. Monitor your media mentions.
  5. Monitor all conversations about your brand, products, and services on social media.