This is one of those painful IE7 tribulations (how much has Microsoft cost developers over the years with their awful browsers? – Answers on a postcard). Plugged it in and all working, then I realise during testing at the end that the thumbs are not being properly hidden in IE, despite the overflow on the parent div being set to hidden and the width and height specified inline via the Javascript.

Teary hairy for about and an hour and a half trying everything, Les Aubery at Big Bang sorted it in about two minutes. The parent div might have had it’s overflow set to hidden, but the CSS wasn’t using it because the image itself had it’s position set to relative.

So the answer is to change (in the minified JS);

function resetImage(image,options){if(!options.nostyle){image.css({"position":"relative"});}


function resetImage(image,options){if(!options.nostyle){image.css({});}

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