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Fontis produced and now support a Magento module which integrates the standard Magento newsletter features with Campaign Monitor. I like it, it’s a lot more lightweight than the ebizmarts Mail Chimp integration, and easier to implement. My reasoning for this is that you don’t have to install and configure separate newsletter templates and tweak with a million settings. Whilst I am sure there are some users who take advantage of all the config options in the Mail Chimp module, for the vast majority a simple ‘Add an API key and it just goes onto the mailing list’ is the way forward.

Fontis have also produced some good documentation for the module. I always refer to it. But beware!!! It is not quite right and that could leave you scratching your head for some time. As you’ll see from the reviews for the module, (I left a tip there) if you get the API keys wrong then the system will all still run fine, no errors will be thrown and logged…..but the subscribers just don’t get added to your list. Frustrating.

Here’s an excerpt from the Fontis docs;

  1. To find your Campaign Monitor API Client ID:
  2. Log in to Campaign Monitor
  3. Select the client you want to use
  4. Click Client Settings in the top right
  5. Copy the API Client ID value

This is wrong. You don’t want the client API id you want the account API id. Click on Account Settings and at the bottom there is a section called ‘API Key (For Developers)’. This is the one you want as the main API key and the list id is obtained via the Fontis docs at;

  1. Log in to Campaign Monitor
  2. Select the client you want to use
  3. Click Manage Subscribers
  4. Select the subscriber list you want to use
  5. Click edit list name/type to the right of the list title
  6. Copy the API Subscriber List ID value, found at the bottom of the page

One other point to note is that you’ll need to add the default store ID into the url for the unsubscribe return url if you are using Magento multi stores.

Clients -> Lists & Subscribers then click on the list and choose ‘Unsubscribe Settings’ from the Campaign Monitor right hand menu (at the bottom).

You add a return url like;


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