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Written By Ryan Rana





I’ve just launched a Magento site that uses Payment Sense as the payment gateway. I was really impressed by Payment Sense, and wrote another blog post about it here.

However now that it’s all up online, and working I have to admit to being a bit disappointed by the so called ‘Transparent Redirect’ they do, and can’t help but think it will result in lots of abandoned carts right at the end of the checkout process.

After final review in the Magento one page checkout, the user (who has entered their card details in the payment section) has their payment information passed across to Payment Sense who verify it, process the transaction and redirect back to the Magento order success page.

This all works fine, don’t get me wrong – but boy is it slow. And there’s nothing transparent about it, the user sees the domain flicking around in the browser address bar as they are handed from pillar to post before being sent back to where they started from – a nice white screen of death displayed all the while. Even though 3D secure is turned off in this installation, you still get redirected to the 3D secure page, where it loads for a while before forwarding you on (with a blatantly non-transparent url containing the phrase ‘low-risk’ ) without asking for any details.

Really unprofessional looking, I have to say. I thought Worldpay’s Select Junior was bad (it is bad).

Stick to Sage pay guys.

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