After yet another example of truly brilliant service I thought I would quickly dash off a blog post with a nicely optimised anchor text link through to NuBlue, who are truly exceptional for hosting.  I wouldn’t say I’m hard to please but it’s not very often I’d describe any service I’ve got as phenomenal. I can with Nublue though;

UK VPS Hosting – Best Service

There, that’s a nice-a link! I’ve had a VPS with them for about 2 and a half years now, I set it up originally for hosting clients’ Magento sites (for those not conversant with Magento, the Big M is a great system but a little resource hungry – there’s no point trying to run it on a shared server if you want to make a success of it).  The support team at NuBlue are all fantastic. Ewan, Paul, Luke, Martyn and Tim all know their servers inside out.  You can phone them up on a free phone number and they will give you the best advice and the benefit of their extensive expertise.  Same goes with email.

Try doing that with some of the other, bigger VPS providers out there who’s full page adverts fill up magazines like .Net.  Absolutely no chance, you have zero chance of ever speaking to anyone knowledeable on the phone if you want to go for one of the cheap VPSs offered by Heart, Fasthosts, 1and1 and the rest.   The best you can do is submit a support ticket, and if the question is about a configuration issue then the chances are they’ll come back to you and say they can’t help, it’s not their remit, and you’re on your own.  Same goes if you set up yourself on an Amazon EC2 server, you better be pretty sure you know your stuff or you know someone who does it for a living (and even they can come unstuck).

The bottom line?  You’ll pay for this service.  And quite rightly too, of course they are going to be more expensive offering a service like that. If you want  a 5 star hotel service then go to Gleneagles, not a Premier Inn.  The difference between non-existant service and brilliant service in the hosting world might amount to £20 or £30 a month or so….how important is your site to you?  If you are running an online e-commerce site which is doing a decent turn then it’s not even a decision, go with NuBlue.

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