Magento integration with Payment Sense

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I recently had a client who decided to change their mind at the last minute and go for Payment Sense as their payment services provider for their Magento installation.

No problem, Payment Sense have developed and released their own module for Magento, they have their own variants of the payment methods (similar to the others i.e. Direct, Form and a Server-Server method they call transparent redirect).

It was really easy to install, as I normally download the tarball rather than pulling the PEAR package in via Magento Connect. Uploaded it and it was installed fine. Only gotchas were that the user name and passwords I was initially using were completely wrong – you need to login to your MMS panel and set up a new Gateway Password and use the gateway username that’s supplied there (it’s not obvious in the Magento Payment Method configuration that this is the case).

No need to set up return URLs or anything, indeed, it was possible to set up the whole thing to process and return a completed order back to Magento without inputting any information about the originating server, it all relies on the username, password and a SHA1 hash key.

The support was really good, I could get on the phone and call up their support team in London who were really knowledgeable and helpful (and I got put through to the technical guy easily too, he had in-depth knowledge on the module). No queue, no massive telephone menu system, just a phone number that they picked up – my kind of service. My understanding from the client was that they were originally trying to charge a £200 set-up fee but he managed to haggle them down to £100 (no wonder, he managed to haggle me down on my hosting too even though I was already giving it at rock bottom, the chancer!), and it was £15 a month rather than Worldpay/Sage pay’s £20. I don’t know how long they hang on to the cash before processing it, I know Sage pay do it the same day at midnight for example – might be worth checking if you are looking at them.

Only other thing to note was that they were under the impression that the Transparent Redirect method would require an SSL. It didn’t, and whilst I would definitely encourage one for sales, technically it’s not a necessity.

So in summary for Payment Sense and Magento;

  • Very easy to install and integrate
  • Excellent phone support and a good user manual
  • If you are struggling to get it to work, make sure you are using the gateway login/password

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