GoDaddy Domain Transfer to Another Registrar

GoDaddy Domain Transfer to Another Registrar

Domain Transfer: This is one of those posts I feel I had to write, just in case it helps one single person.

Moving a .com domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap.com as it is about a third of the price to register it there. GoDaddy has a reasonable process for doing Domain transfer, but what always seems to be missing is the last step.

1. Initialize the transfer
2. Unlock the domain
3. Get the authorization code

And then login to namecheap and start the transfer in. All good, right?

Domain transfer to other registrar


After a couple of days of patient waiting you end up with a message in the Namecheap interface saying;

“Awaiting release from previous registrar.”

But yet you have not received an email from GoDaddy to confirm things and you thought it was all proceeding. Whether by deliberate design to make it harder to move away or not, there is an extra step they haven’t told you to perform.

GoDaddy domain transfer

Visit the following link;


Check the box and next to the domain and hit the ‘Accept Transfer’ button.