New Site Launched

New Site Launched

No blog can be without the obligatory ‘New Site launched’ post. Maybe I should do as many clients do – I’ll delete all the other posts in this blog and just have this one, advertising the new blog. Leave it there for two years on it’s own some talking about all the upcoming news and activity which never happened.

Incidentally – if you are a client with an empty, tumbleweed strewn blog, and if you can’t find the time to write and optimise your posts…stop being mean and hire a copy writer to do it for you. It might cost you less than you think and you’ll have properly written material, which has been carefully thought out and properly optimised. Kenworthy is your man for this.

And talking of the empty blog – I’ve been meaning for a while to award my Olympic gold blogging medal to the best client blogger. The award goes to Neil McKinley of Caleb & Taylor Restoration. This is how it’s done folks, watch and learn. Straight from the hip and from the heart. His honesty, integrity and sense of humour just shines through and he gets a lot of work as a result of his efforts here. Plus he gets a great record of all the projects they’ve been doing to look back on.

While I’m at it, their Meet The Team page is well worth a read too.