What is Fama?

Fama is an online talent screening service that will help companies identify problematic behaviour among your potential hires and current employees by analysing the information that is publicity available online. It targets a specific niche in the reputation management software category.


Category Score / Notes
Best for Large HR departments, recruitment agencies
Main benefit Save staff time
Main downside False positives
Ease of Use /10 7
Support offering /10 8
Costs /10 5
Total /30 20

Who is Fama best for?

Fama is best for large HR departments or recruitment agencies, mainly due to its pricing model and API’s to HR systems.

What are benefits of using Fama?

Fama will save your HR and recruitment teams time as it performs online searches of potential candidates and current employees. It applies a consistent methodology so you can be assured on an unbiased report at the end.

What are the downsides of using Fama?


A single report will cost $35.

If you are running multiple reports, there is an activation fee of $5k, and then you choose between two levels of service of either a lite version that is $20 per report or a full report for $30. There is a minimum commitment of 1000 reports per year.


There is no capability to directly upload a CV, so data has to be manually entered into their preferred format, which doesn’t offer a lot of time saving.

Each report will generally be delivered in 1 business day but can be up to 7 days for batch reports.

The wrong person

There is no guarantee that the report will be on the correct person, for example if you have a common name to screen. It is left down to you to ensure that this report is for the correct person.

How easy is Fama to set up?

You do have to talk to the company before running your first report and can take a few days to book an appointment.

They ask a whole series of questions about your business before giving information back and it can be a daunting conversation. Once you have signed an agreement, you log on and start running your reports based on your hiring criteria.

What support is offered for FAMA?

There is support to help you get set up or get Fama integrated into your HR system. The end result is an impartial report on an individual. It is your responsibility to check that the information in the report is for the right person.

How much does FAMA cost?

You can order one report for $35

For multiple reports there is one bulk pricing scheme which is includes a one off $5k activation fee and either $20 or $30 per report with a minimum commitment of 1000 reports per year. The unit report cost depends on whether you have what’s called their lite report or you have a full report.

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