What is Meltwater?

Meltwater is a type of online rep. management software, and specifically a social media monitoring service that offers business intelligence too. It helps teams monitor coverage across news, review sites and social media. They state they can help you monitor, understand and influence the world around you.


Category Score / Notes
Best for PR & Marketing Departments, large organisations, agencies
Main benefit Reporting
Main downside Need expert help
Ease of Use /10 7
Support offering /10 8
Costs /10 6
Total /30 21

Who is Meltwater for?

Meltwater is best for PR and marketing teams. For PR and communication teams it offers brand management, options for crisis communications and good PR dashboards. For a marketing team it has great social listening tools that can be used to identify influencers.

What are the benefits of using Meltwater?

Meltwater provides media monitoring and analysis across news, social media, print and broadcast media which helps marketing teams capture what is being said about the company.
You can create and share dashboards with ease, and they boost the best monitoring in the industry with access to 500 million pieces of new content every day. The comprehensive reports offer a number of widgets so you can report on what is important to you.

It also has a mobile app which is good to monitor on the go.

What are the downsides of using Meltwater?

The cost, and the set up.

Meltwater claims to be the best in the industry, and that comes at a cost. It’s based on the number of users too, so if you have a team of 5 that need to access, be expected to pay a higher cost.

Meltwater set up is based on keywords and Boolean search strings that you must be familiar with. If you’re not already familiar with this way of searching, it can be a steep learning curve and you could potentially miss mentions from the beginning of the project.

There’s a lot of add-ons that you must pay for too.

Also, it is worth noting that you shouldn’t use Meltwater to run social media checks on individuals, as you run the risk of returning a false positive.

How easy is Meltwater to set up?

It can be difficult, as mentioned above. It has a steep learning curve and you have to be familiar with it to set up projects effectively. Meltwater will work better when you have had training, so make sure you get your account manager to go through things with you thoroughly.

What support is offered for Meltwater?

They offer lots of training sessions for its members. There is a huge how to section on their website, and a lot of the questions can be found there. For more specific things you have access to a support team and an account manager, and generally they are quick in coming back to you.

How much does Meltwater cost?

There is no free trial of Meltwater, but they will take you through a number of demos to show you how the products work.

Costs start from about $4000 per year, with an annual contract. Depending on chosen features, size of your team and a number of other factors, this cost can increase quite dramatically.

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