What is Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence provides social media hiring reports.

It searches public facing user-generated social media content and provides a report for to help HR departments and recruitment agencies make an informed decision about a employment candidate. It is a form of reputation management software.


Category Score / Notes
Best for Large HR departments, recruitment agencies
Main benefit Save staff time
Main downside False positives
Ease of Use /10 6
Support offering /10 7
Costs /10 5
Total /30 18

Who is Social Intelligence best for?

Social Intelligence is best for HR departments and recruitment agencies and offers an unbiased opinion for background screening.

What are benefits of using Social Intelligence?

The main benefit of using Social Intelligence is saving staff time carrying out online searches as well as providing a consistent methodology of doing it. It offers an unbias opinion.

What are the downsides of using Social Intelligence?


A single report will cost $35. For multiple reports you will have to buy a package and make a minimum commitment to get reduced costs. For example, 1000 reports will cost $28 each.


It can take up to two to three business days to receive a report back. Which is potentially too long when your recruiting for key positions and want to be in a position to make an informed decision.

The wrong person

There is no guarantee that the report will be on the correct person, for example if you have a common name to screen. It is left down to you to ensure that this report is for the correct person.

How easy is Social Intelligence to set up?

You do have to talk to someone before you do anything, and it can take a day to book an appointment. You will be asked a series of questions about your business which can be a daunting conversation. Once you have agreed to their terms, you will be able to log in and configure your own reports based on your own hiring criteria.

What support is offered for Social Intelligence?

In reality not a lot of support is needed. But it is there if you need it to get you set up or integrate this into your HR system. The end product is an impartial report on your candidate. is your responsibility to check that the information in the report is for the right person.

How much does Social Intelligence cost?

It can vary depending on how many reports you think you will need. These become more cost effective, the more reports you think you will need to run, so it aimed at companies that recruit often.

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