What is Yoono?

Yoono is an online screening service dedicated to help companies conduct a thorough deep dive into an individual’s background and online presence. It will help identify any areas of concern and potential problematic behaviours by analysing publicly available information.


Category Score / Notes
Best for All sizes of HR departments, recruitment agencies, anyone that wants to run a check on online presence
Main benefit Speed
Main downside False positives
Ease of Use /10 9
Support offering /10 9
Costs /10 10
Total /30 28

Who is Yoono best for?

Yoono is best for regulated industries that need to carry out comprehensive and regular KYC checks. A Yoono report will provide comprehensive due diligence has been conducted.

HR departments and recruitment agencies will also benefit from Yoono, as well as any company that wants to conduct a thorough online search of each individual.

What are benefits of using Yoono?

Yoono will save staff and departments time and money by automating the searches required to provide a thorough report. One of the added benefits of Yoono is that it checks a comprehensive database of “websites of concern” that have been compiled over the last decade. This will flag up where this individual has been mentioned on a “website of concern” and will enable the company to make a decision.

There are no long waits with Yoono, as each report is returned within 30 minutes.

What are the downsides of using Yoono?

The wrong person.

There is no guarantee that the report will be on the correct person, for example if you have a common name to screen. It is left down to you to ensure that this report is for the correct person.

Yoono has implemented the latest AI to reduce the chances of any “false positive” being returned.

How easy is Yoono to set up?

Yoono is extremely easy to set up. You’ll need to register for an account along with payment details, but once that is set up, you can start to run your reports.

You’ll need to make sure you have accurate data to begin with and enter this correctly in order to get accurate results back. But you can also run multiple reports at the same time, with each one being delivered directly back to you.

Your log in includes access to a comprehensive management system that is supported by online tutorials and the helpline.

What support is offered for Yoono?

There is a dedicated helpline for any questions you may have. But in reality Yoono has been designed to be simple and easy to operate. There is a directly managed service at a small extra fee.

If you wanted to integrate Yoono into your HR system, you’ll need to speak to support.

How much does Yoono cost?

An individual report will cost $10, with various pricing schemes available for large organisations and those that are looking to run regular reports.

Find out more on the Yoono site.

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