It has never been more critical than now to have business support tools in place that help manage reputation. Real-time social streaming, iPhone apps and browser add-ons all increase the possibility for people to share information anywhere and anytime, and that information may not always be favourable! Yoono online reputation checks help mitigate the costs to businesses and organisations who care about who they hire and whom they do business with.

As many companies and organisations have discovered, it’s more costly and time-consuming to try and rectify situations than take a preventative approach and do the due diligence before engaging anyone.


What is Yoono?

Yoono is an online screening service dedicated to helping companies conduct a thorough deep dive into an individual’s background and online presence. Helping Yoono users identify areas of concern and potential problematic behaviours by analysing publicly available information across multiple platforms and social networks.


Who should use Yoono?

Yoono users tend to be regulated industries that need to carry out comprehensive and regular KYC checks. Conducting an online reputation check a Yoono report ensures thorough due diligence.

HR departments and recruitment agencies will benefit from using Yoono and any company that wants to conduct a thorough online search of individuals will benefit from having access to Yoono.


How does Yoono work?

Yoono’s proprietary platform uses industry-leading technology that searches online information on an individual or company, producing a robust report within minutes.

A GDPR compliant solution uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to search publicly available digital data, databases, registries, and social networks, eliminating research backlogs associated with onboarding, verification checks, KYC, and customer due diligence checks.


What are the benefits of using Yoono?

Yoono will save staff and departments time and money by automating the online searches required to provide a thorough real-time report, including Google Chrome searches and online social media searches. One of the added benefits of Yoono is that it checks a comprehensive database of “websites of concern” that have been compiled over the last decade. The database then flags if the individual in question has been mentioned on a “website of concern” and will enable the company to decide on the best move.

There are no long waits with Yoono, with each report returning within just 30 minutes.


Are online reputation checks 100% accurate?

Yoono has implemented the latest AI technology to reduce the chances of any “false positives” in the reports.

If the information supplied is too vague or there is common information provided, there is the chance of reporting for the wrong person.

There are no guarantees that the Yoono report will be on the correct person, for example, if you have a common name to screen, such as John Smith. You will then need to investigate further to ensure that this report is for the correct person and accurate information is used.


Will using online reputation checks save me money?

When it comes to the reputation of your company and the smooth running of your business, it is essential to do due diligence and run some checks on future employees and those you will be working with. Yoono users understand how vital this information is and how saving time means saving money; after all, the wrong hire could be extremely costly!

Yoono protects its clients by performing public checks covering all social networks used today, checks the online social life and presence of each individual across multiple platforms, including Google, and provides a status instantly via an in-depth report.


How easy is it to set up?

It is extremely easy to set up and will take just a few minutes. You’ll need to register for an account along with payment details, but once that is set up, you can start to run your reports.

To ensure you receive accurate data in your online report, you will need to have all of the correct information, to begin with. You can run multiple reports simultaneously, and as soon as the information is collated for that individual, the report will be emailed to you, providing the status instantly.

Your Yoono account includes access to a comprehensive management system supported by online tutorials and the helpline.


Does Yoono come with support?

There is a dedicated helpline for any questions you may have. But in reality, Yoono has been designed to be simple and easy to operate.

It is also possible to integrate Yoono into an HR system. If this add-on service is of interest, please contact our support team to discuss these options in greater detail today. There is a directly managed service at a small extra fee.


How much does Yoono cost?

The price for an individual report is $10, with additional service and pricing options available for large organisations and those looking to run regular reports and incorporate this service into their business processes ongoing.

The price of Yoono is designed to be cost-effective. Still, the value to organisations and businesses is immense because Yoono users are making sure their online reputation remains trusted and respected.


Can someone’s online social life impact my business reputation?

When a person updates their status on all your usual social networks and puts their online social life public for all to see, that is, of course, their prerogative. This type of real-time social stream can harm their reputation and that of any future employers or those they work with and represent in business.

Companies are responsible for performing customer due diligence checks through the Know Your Customer programme.

Yoono users can use a similar service to understand their future employees better and people they do business with to improve decision-making and business processes.


Want to learn more about Yoono?

Read more on Yoono here. Extend your Yoono experience also with the newly created Yoono App via the App Store.


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