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How to post a whole TikTok on Instagram story?

TikTok and Instagram, two of the social media giants, have been engaged in a fierce rivalry due to their shared use of brief 15-second videos. An interesting feature exclusive to TikTok is the ability for users to engage in in-app games while interacting with their followers. 

Surprisingly, despite their competitive stances, individuals frequently cross-share content between these platforms. Many influencers and content creators maintain active accounts on both applications. 

They often craft content on one platform and subsequently re-upload it on the other. If you’re keen on discovering the methods of how to post a whole TikTok on Instagram story, stay engaged until the conclusion. 

This blog post will provide comprehensive guidance on seamlessly incorporating complete TikTok videos into your Instagram story and address other related queries you may have.

How To Get Full TikTok on Instagram Story

Achieving a complete TikTok presentation on your Instagram story can be accomplished through two methods. Firstly, you have the option to directly share the TikTok video from the TikTok app onto your Instagram story. 

Alternatively, you can choose to download the TikTok video and then upload it to your Instagram story. To gain a deeper understanding of these procedures, continue reading as we delve into step-by-step explanations accompanied by helpful visuals for enhanced clarity.

Why Am I unable to Post My Whole TikTok on Instagram?

Content creators and influencers often craft content within one application and share it across platforms to optimise their efficiency and efforts. Given TikTok’s relatively fewer constraints compared to Instagram, it serves as a primary hub for content creation. However, attempts to share TikTok videos on Instagram stories sometimes encounter obstacles. This issue can stem from several reasons:

  • Instagram’s story feature imposes a maximum duration of 15 seconds per individual post. If a video surpasses this limit but remains within 60 seconds, it will be divided into smaller 15-second segments when uploaded. Regrettably, TikTok videos exceeding the 60-second mark cannot be shared as Instagram stories.
  • Users have reported encountering a bug within Instagram that restricts the posting of videos exceeding the 15-second threshold on their stories.

How to Post The Whole TikTok on Instagram Story

For content creators and influencers seeking to learn how to seamlessly integrate complete TikTok videos into their Instagram Stories, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a selection of techniques to assist you in effortlessly sharing your TikTok content on your Instagram stories: Also read how to get eye icon on TikTok

Method 1:

How to post a whole TikTok on Instagram story

Follow these simple steps to share your chosen TikTok video on your Instagram Story:

Open the TikTok App on Your Device: Begin by launching the TikTok application on your Android or iOS mobile device. Locate and tap the TikTok app icon to open it.

Access Your Profile: Once the app is open, you’ll find a Profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. It usually looks like a small human silhouette. Click on this icon to access your TikTok profile.

Select the Desired Video: Within your profile, you’ll see a collection of videos you’ve posted. Browse through these videos and choose the specific one you wish to share on your Instagram Story. Tap on the chosen video to proceed.

Initiate the Sharing Process: To share the selected TikTok video, tap the three-dotted icon. This icon is typically situated in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once you tap on it, a menu of options will appear.

Choose Instagram > Stories: From the menu of options, select the “Share” option. Afterward, look for the Instagram icon and tap on it. Among the sharing choices, pick “Stories” to indicate that you want to share the TikTok video on your Instagram Story.

Method 2:

post tiktok on Instagram story method 2

Select Your TikTok Video: Begin by choosing the TikTok video you wish to share on your Instagram Story. Opt for a video that represents your content well and resonates with your Instagram audience.

Download the TikTok Video: Download your chosen TikTok video to your device. Ensure that the video is readily accessible for the upcoming steps.

Access Instagram Story: Launch the Instagram app and navigate to the Story feature by tapping your profile picture or swiping right from your feed.

Upload Your TikTok Video: Swipe up or tap the gallery icon to access your device’s media library. Locate and select the downloaded TikTok video from your gallery.

Customise and Adjust: Instagram will automatically divide your TikTok video into 15-second segments if it exceeds this duration. Utilise the editing tools to add stickers, text, GIFs, or other creative elements that enhance your Story’s visual appeal and engagement.

Share Your Instagram Story: Once satisfied with your edits, tap “Your Story” to publish your Instagram Story. Your complete TikTok video, divided into segments if necessary, will now be showcased to your followers.

Engage with Your Audience: Monitor your Story’s performance by tracking views and interactions. Foster engagement by responding to comments and interacting with your audience to nurture a lively and interactive community.

By following the above methods, you can seamlessly share your chosen TikTok video on your Instagram Story. These methods enable you to display your creative content to a wider audience and engage with your Instagram followers using your captivating TikTok video.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has been informative and has equipped you with the knowledge of how to post a whole TikTok on Instagram story. While some individuals encounter challenges sharing TikTok videos on Instagram due to watermarks, you might not encounter the same issues. Therefore, before abandoning the idea of sharing your TikTok content on Instagram, we encourage you to give the aforementioned steps a try.

If you encounter difficulties in sharing a complete TikTok video on your Instagram Story, despite diligently following the outlined steps, it’s worth noting that various factors could be at play. In such instances, you can always seek further assistance from this platform.

Remember, sharing your TikTok creativity on your Instagram Story allows you to engage a wider audience and showcase your content in an exciting and dynamic way. We hope you find success in your endeavours!