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Shopify Order Metadata

  How to Add Metadata to existing Order Metadata: You'd be forgiven for thinking you couldn't as the docs only mention Product meta and Shop meta. You can add metadata to an existing order that…

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Magento multistore

WordPress under Magento multistore

  Wordpress under Magento multistore This is a 'Note to Self' as much as anything else. It's explains how we got the Wordpress install to work on a Magento multistore using country stub directories. The…

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WordPress 2

WordPress, Git and Capistrano Updates

  WordPress, Git and Capistrano Updates I'm writing this blog post because I've had to add a Wordpress site into a Magento site which uses Capistrano 3 as it's deployment framework. I was trying to…

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New Site Launched

New Site Launched No blog can be without the obligatory 'New Site launched' post. Maybe I should do as many clients do - I'll delete all the other posts in this blog and just have…