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hoe to create group chat on tiktok

How to make a Group Chat on TikTok?


TikTok has emerged as a prominent social platform, attracting millions of daily video uploads. The practise of tagging friends and family to share and discuss these videos has become commonplace. 

However, TikTok is currently experimenting with a novel feature – group chats. This new addition enables users to establish group chats with their acquaintances to collectively enjoy, analyse, and converse about shared videos.

Presently, this group chat feature remains in its preliminary testing phase, accessible only to a select user base. Despite updating the app, the availability of this feature might not be guaranteed. The ultimate plan is to make it universally accessible once the testing phase concludes successfully.

This blog post will guide users on how to make a group chat on Tik Tok, catering to those who currently possess access to this feature while also providing insight for prospective utilisation when the feature becomes widely accessible.

Creating a Group Chat on TikTok

TikTok enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the introduction of a group chat function, which is now available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. There are two methods to initiate a group chat: utilising the inbox feature or directly employing the share option from a video.

Method 1: Inbox Feature

how to make tiktok group chat method 1

To create a TikTok group chat via your inbox, it is essential to have at least one mutual friend with whom you have existing conversations on the platform. Should you meet this criterion, adhere to the following steps to establish a group chat.

  1. Open Your TikTok App: Start by launching the application and signing into your account. In the event that you were previously logged in, you must open the app to progress to the subsequent stage.
  2. Go To Inbox: Navigate to the lower section of your screen and select the inbox icon situated adjacent to the profile symbol within the navigation bar. Upon clicking, your recent activities will be displayed at the top, while messages will appear in the lower section.
  3. Tap on Chat with Mutual: Within your messages, tap on a chat with a friend with whom you are already engaged in conversation on TikTok. As the conversation opens, identify the icon comprising three dots positioned towards the upper right corner of the dialogue box.
  4. Tap on the Three Dots. Tap on the icon of three dots positioned at the upper right-hand corner of the conversation interface. This action will lead you to an alternate screen. You will see “Create Group Chat +”. Choose a position above your friend’s username and profile image.
  5. Create Group Chat: Select the “Create Group Chat” option, prompting a compilation of your mutual friends and followers from which you can designate participants for the group chat. Proceed by clicking “Create a group chat. This results in the formation of a collective space where you can share videos sourced from friends feeds.

Method 2: How To Create a Group Chat on TikTok Through the Share Option

how to make tiktok group chat method 2

This approach offers a simplified process with a reduced number of steps to initiate a group chat. In this method, you only require a video from your TikTok feed that you wish to share. Without any more delay, let’s delve into the following sequential actions:

  1. Open Your TikTok App: The process commences with the initiation of the application, followed by your subsequent actions. If you have previously logged out of TikTok, please re-enter your login credentials to advance to the subsequent stage.
  2. Select The Video: Peruse your feed to locate the perfect video for sharing with the group of individuals you intend to invite to your group chat. Within TikTok, you will swiftly come across a video that resonates with everyone, spanning from comedic content to musical-themed clips.
  3. Share With Friends: Click the share icon. Proceed to choose any of your desired friends to include in your group chat.
  4. Create Group Chat: Once you have chosen multiple mutual connections, a pop-up will appear, urging you to establish a group chat with the selected friends. Proceed by clicking the designated option and then pressing ‘send’ to dispatch the video. The chosen video will manifest within the newly fashioned group chat, shared amongst your circle of friends. Want to read how to post Tiktok on Instagram story?

Final Thoughts:

In the realm of TikTok’s ever-evolving social landscape, how to make a group chat on TikTok has emerged as a promising way to foster connections. While navigating the intricacies of this feature might vary, its gradual rollout emphasises the platform’s commitment to enhancing user interactions. 

While we wait for more people to get the new feature, let’s keep having fun on TikTok. Enjoy the videos, and get ready for interesting chats in the future!